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Originally Posted by gplracer View Post
There is certainly some truth to what you wrote, but it does not fit in all situations. I played junior tennis growing up. If I let the coaching all to the coach it would not be enough. Not only that but one lesson a week for each of our kids is about all we can afford. Maybe if we could do more then my input would not be needed. I let the coach do the work and lead us in a direction. He then says this week when you hit with your son work on what we worked on today. I am also the ball feeder, the driver, the shoulder to cry on, and the friend. I realize that my kids can lose matches when they play their best and win matches when they play poorly.
Well said.

This is a very common and healthy way for kids to get better at tennis. The average family does not have money for hours and hours of lessons each week or to send their kid to an academy. The coach usually doesn't attend all of the kid's matches so it is the parent that has to analyze what was good/bad about their play.
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