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Originally Posted by Alohajrtennis View Post
What exactly is your point, other than to be picayune, or to just argue with everything I post for the fun of it ? I know what there policy is, but I guess they don't always follow it. Go count them. There are currently 26 junior blue chips and 28 sophomore blue chips. Or don't. Whatever. Really, who cares. I said 30. WTF is funny about that ??
Here is the answer, I guess, from TRN.

+++ There is one additional criteria that can be met to achieve Blue Chip status. Players ranked in the Top 10 in the six-month period prior to the publication of the ratings will be tabbed as Blue Chips (to recognize highly-ranked players who stopped playing junior events).

My point? I think all of us should strive for accuracy on factual matters, especially in the Junior forum
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