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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Your point doesn't make sense.
Why would YOU need to string a racket at 60+ lbs, when the 25 out of the top 30 Men's players strings at 50?
What? You need more control than them? What? You hit harder than them? What? You need more precision than a PRO tennis player?
I have been stringing lower and lower as I age. Right now I am using co-poly hybrids in the lower 50s. If you have decent strokes and use racket head speed/spin to control your can use a much lower tension. I used to hit a much flater ball and required a softer frame.. and a higher tension to gain control. I also used to stay with tighter string patterns to help with control. I moved to SW FH and more eastern on my OHBH. Most of the frames out there these days are being designed for modern strokes. Trying to hit classics old school strokes can be a problem.
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