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Originally Posted by Netspirit View Post
"How come the clay is slow and high-bouncing on Nadal's side of the court?" No, clay is slow everywhere but is it the very reason why Nadal wins.

Similarly, the wind neutralizes offense in tennis, rewards high-percentage play, gives pushers an advantage over shot-makers, and that 's why Murray beat Djokovic. I am not saying it is not deserved, I am saying the conditions were very unique and this victory does not suggest that Murray suddenly became a tennis legend, will be spanking Djokovic and everybody should be shocked by his SF exit.

We are not talking "ifs" here. Federer was physically and mentally drained after the semi-final, which he said himself after it was over. His play in the final was a clear indication of that.

I want to say that Murray is a one-slam champion, good player like good one-slam champions before him, he has potential to become better and win more, but right now his improvements are moderate and people should not jump his bandwagon just because of the Olympic tournament and the USO. He still has stuff to prove.
We'll hear the same nonsense when he's only a two/three/four slam champion, then he'll be crap because he hasn't completed the career grand slam. Get a grip. He's probably already in the top 15 players ever to have played the game.
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