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Originally Posted by tennis_pro View Post
You don't care because your logic applied to it wouldn't put the then year-end-no-1 (Wozniacki) as the WTA player of the year, she didn't even reach a major final that year and twice lost before the 4th round yet she ended the year ranked 1st.

As for the h2h against Federer-Djokovic (as you said "rich for a Fed fan") I'd use it only because they would be so close to each other in the rankings. For example Nadal had a 4-2 lead over Federer in 2006 but Federer had like double the ranking points so it wasn't the case.
I don't care because I don't care. Have you ever seen me discuss Women's Tennis here, except for Graf's time? No. Why? Because I don't care.

And I never said Slams are the only things that matter. The WTF, the Olympics, and the Masters 1000 tournaments matter too. So do the Masters 500 tournaments. But 2 Grand Slam finals is a big deficit. Bigger than a WTF title and a Masters 1000 title.

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