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Originally Posted by tennis_pro View Post
I think all the Fed fans agree. Before the match even started. I was 100 % sure that Fed would lose to Murray but even though he played crap in the last 2 matches he still found form just in time.

This really is a lesson to be learned. Such champions never go down easily in big matches, especially on a surface that suits their game. Federer proved once again today that he can never be ruled out.

Not sure if tomorrow he comes in as the favorite but he definitely has a chance, a pretty decent one I'd say.
The thing is though, this has happened on multiple occasions before. Whenever Federer has been down in an early round of a major (e.g. Haas at FO 09, Berdych at AO 09, Davydenko at AO 10, Benneteau at Wimbledon this year), fans jump ship and exclaim their disappointment at Federer losing the match. You would think people would have learned their lesson and appreciated Federer's resilience. Considering this hasn't changed, I expect threads like "Federer will never win WTF/Wimbledon/major/matches against top 4" types of threads will keep popping up from some Federer "fans."
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