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Originally Posted by TennisA View Post
Pretty sure they didn't have any money to give players appearance fees, considering they didn't have a sponsor for those years.
Farmer Insurance? Ring a bell? Murray played in 2010 - I'm pretty confident he got paid. So, while Robbie Koenig knows a lot, he doesn't know everything - like the other talking heads on TV.

Originally Posted by mikekelley View Post
Living five minutes' walk from this venue, this is a major bummer. It was always fun to go to but never filled to capacity.
Not that long ago it was a huge deal and a hot ticket. And for all the talk of the WTF being sold out, I'm getting emails from the ATP stating there are still tickets for sale.

Originally Posted by ollinger View Post
...and even supports its baseball team in a half-assed way....
This isn't true - BOTH teams draw over 3 million fans a year. The Dodgers pretty much forever and the Angels since Moreno bought the club and got players and the Big A was renovated. The LA Kings won the Cup and if there weren't a strike would have had huge crowds - they sold all the season tickets that were allotted.

Originally Posted by gavna View Post
Old story - folks in the Southland have other things to do than attend sports go out and play the sports or hit the beach or the mountains...etc.
This is the correct answer (and add the other forms of entertainment - movies, concerts, etc). There is a lot to do out here - if you don't offer a quality product, you are doomed. Querrey v Barankis isn't going to cut it.
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