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Tension used for playtest:52lb
Regular string set up: tourna big hitter blue rough: 16G 52lb
Racquet brand and model used for test blx six one 95 16x18
Power of test string It feels average for a poly, but i can generate power myself,so i kinda like it because its not too powerful.
Feel: It have a decent feel for a poly, i can feel the ball better than others polys i tried, it might be because i always use 16gauge, so 17just feels much better.
Spin Pretty nice spin for a round poly, of course if people want a string for spin, they should go for the shaped or textured poly, Luxilon alu rough or BHBR can produce much more spin.
Comfort I do not have any discomfort playing with this string. 17gauge really make a poly less stiffer and more armfriendly.
Durability It last me about 2weeks , pretty normal for a poly.
Playability Duration It plays really nice in the first two three hours, feels ok after five six hour, feels like its time to cut it after 12,13 hours
Control Decent control, allow me to take a big swing at the ball and keep it in.
Compare to the string you use most often compare to my bhbr 16g, it has less spin, about the same power, better feel, and a bit less control.
Tension recommendations I might go up for 2-3lbs because i am too used to playing with 16g poly.
Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes and dislikes.
I never use orange color string before,so the color of the string make me want to use it and give my racquet a fresh look.
Really notthing special about this string, for this price there are plenty of good string available at TW .
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