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Default Superstitions and Quirks on the Court (What are Yours?)

As for me:
1. If I serve a let, I always use the second ball in my pocket next, even if my opponent hits the first ball right back to me.
2. When receiving serve in the deuce court, the word "Prince" on my racket handle is right side up. In the ad court, it is upside down.
3. If I am pulled off the court during a point, once it is over I always cross a sideline to get back on the court for the next point. In another words, I do not walk down the sideline around to the baseline.
4. When serving, I never use the ball from the previous point for my first serve.
These are iron-clad rules. I do not allow any variance.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to my psychiatrist's office for my weekly appointment.
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