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Originally Posted by Mainad View Post
Stop being so melodramatic. I wasn't trying to attack Federer's unparalleled record in any way. I was merely trying to make the point that Murray had played with great confidence against Federer only very recently in Shanghai but collapsed ignominiously against him in the 2nd set at the WTF.
To be honest this thread is a bit melodramtic

Point I'm making is that a top player can beat another guy easily only to have the result reversed the next time. That's sport. It isn't a disaster just cos Murray lost a match to Federer. Federer absolutely should beat him in straights sometimes no matter what the result was last time. Like I expect Murray to win in straights at times. In 2009 Murray bagelled Nadal in Rotterdam then a little while later got destroyed by him in Indian Well.. tennis is unpredictable.

Originally Posted by Netspirit View Post
You are - when asking "why has Murray's level dropped since the USO?".

I am telling you: it has not dropped much, it was not all that high to begin with. He took advantage of conditions and circumstances, which you can disagree with if you want.
While not making excuses like the wind, I have to say that Murray could have gone out of the US Open on a few occaisons.

He had a close one vs Lopez, Cilic choked big time, Berdych could have taken it to 5 sets, possibly another match too? And the final was a really tense one too.

He didn't exactly blow everyone off court. Not taking away from his win, but several matches could have gone either way and he came out on top. Now he's coming out the wrong side in a few matches. It happens. Same thing has happened a bit to Djokovic this year.

Murray's best performance really was the Olympics where he was totally dominant, but when you look at his best of 3 match results, he has loads of shok losses BEFORE the US Open. Raonic in Barcelona, gasquet in Rome, Mahut at Queens, Chardy in Cinci... so maybe his problem has been just in the masters and below, I don't see a massive dip after the US Open.

The problem is certian commentators, jornalists and fans think now Murray has won a slam, he'll win everything, despite the fact the US Open was a really hardfought win and murray worked for years and got to 5 slam finals before he finally did it. It's not going to transform him overnight. But you know, he loses a close match to Djokovic and one less close one to Federer and suddenly his game is in the gutter? No he's just not beating these guys up all the time, his record vs them is pretty good this year.
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