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Originally Posted by WildVolley View Post
You can buy RVs pre-built on a bus chassis and they'd also have a bathroom along with whatever else you'd want.

I still am not sure why you want this rather than a limo. A chauffeured limo allows you to do some work while commuting, but is not as useful as a bus. However, a bus is a little less ideal for city travel and parking. A large van can allow you to have an office in less space than a bus, which might cut down on the commute time.

If the commute is very long, a helicopter would be superior, and people such as Trump tend to have a helicopter to cut commute time to a minimum, as in most situations a stationary office will be superior to a mobile one. In the context of South America, a helicopter also needs less security as it tends to fly over the riff-raff from one secured location to another (such as a helio-pad on a skyscraper).
The idea here is to develop a new 21st century concept. We all know about limos and helicopters and how convenient they are if you have the money to pay for them. What we are talking about now is comprehensive transportation solution designs that pay for themselves or even bring profit.
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