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Opinions don't have to be accurate.....don't know how you could verify that anyway except after the fact. I was talking about facts.

Anyway. Your opinion is that Jill Hultquist should recruit from the Pacific Northwest as her primary priority. I disagree.

Sure, it is always nice to get home-staters on the roster. But Washington is a pretty weak tennis state and the PNW is a pretty weak section, historically. I really don't think this is good advice. If I am wrong here, U Washington could save a lot of money by recruiting more at Sectionals than Nationals.

I have no problem with U Washington, and Jill Hultquist specifically....since you called her out personally......recruiting the best available players as the top priority whether they reside in the back yard, or nationally, or internationally.

I think all coaches of teams in competitive D1 conferences should go after the best available players regardless of residence or nationality...........and in the case of a possible tie, choose a home-stater over a non-home stater.

In the final analysis, what I think doesn't matter a fig. It's what the AD approves as team policy. For all we know, the UW AD has read this thread and will call in Jill Hultquist tomorrow and tell her to raise the competitiveness of the women's tennis program by putting the primary priority on recruiting in the Pacific Northwest!

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