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Originally Posted by SoCal10s View Post
tired of hearing ""injured Novikov"" every player play even when they are not 100% .. so how long does it take a twisted ankle to heal 100% ? Roddick wore those ankle support for so many years.. but I can see where Novikov can lose to Grant .. the guy doesn't know how to hit a clean passing shot.. not too many college players can ,especially when they are under pressure .. that's one of the major difference between college and pro level play..
Originally Posted by tball2day View Post
wow, right there with you on this one...that excuse card has been played too many times, weak. If you know the players, they will tell you every top guy out there is playing injured to some degree. If you are really injured you aren't playing.
I am not a UCLA fan or a Novikov fan, so I don't have a personal interest in making excuses for him. I have just observed that when a player takes significant time off for injury, he is not too great in his first tournament back.

SoCal10s has a personal issue with Novikov, expressed quite a few times on this board, so I don't expect him to have a rational opinion on my original post.
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