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Originally Posted by Alohajrtennis View Post
That is not what I am saying. Her own public comments on American players and international are the issue. This is a coach who is bottom dweller( in her division) who basically has written off American players becuase she's not good enough to recruit top 20-30 blue chips. I'm saying the issue is the coach and not the quality if American players, and that her strategy of recruiting international players to better compete in the Pac 12 is a failure.
Just as a little mathematics exercise, I wonder how many programs can sign the top 30 American juniors every year? Hmm, let's see: These programs have eight full scholarships for women, so they average two per year. The top 15 women's teams could swallow up all of the top 30 recruits every year. I suppose there would be no excuse for the top 15 programs to look overseas, in that case, which would leave none of the top 30 available for other schools.

But, of course, if you take over a 3-17 program, you are located in nice, rainy Seattle, you cannot offer more scholarship money than anyone else because on the women's side everyone is offering full rides, then obviously you should be able to sign blue chip players if you are a good recruiter and you are not lazy. Right.
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