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Originally Posted by sphinx780 View Post
Anytime I'm playing singles and have a clearer look down the line, I'll call a miss.

USTA dubs match recently, my partner called a second serve to him out, which would have given us the break and a chance to serve for the match, I corrected it good, they went on to hold.

If I see it, I call it. If it's close and I'm unsure I go in my opponents favor as it should be.

If I'm going to win, I'm going to win on my merit, not my calls.
I'm glad to see this attitude exhibited by many of the folks responding to this thread. My wife and her mixed partner unfortunately were not so lucky last night.

Serving at 5-6, 15-30 in the second set of a USTA match, my wife, let's call her Sue, hits an ace that is pretty clearly on the line, the female receiving, let's call her Pam, calls it out, the male partner doesn't. My wife's partner, let's call him Bob, protests (this was not the first questionable call they'd made, things were boiling over) and the receiving female says "play 2". Bob says if they are unsure or correcting the call to in, it is Bob and Sue's point, so the female says, "ok, it was out then, 2nd serve". Sue proceeds to hit a serve deep in the corner, several inches inside the side line and service line, there is clearly space between the ball and the lines, and yep, you guessed it, Pam calls it out again.

Next point Bob hits a volley deep in the court that appears to catch the baseline, but yep, you guessed it, it was called out. This wouldn't have been so bad except the entire match was filled with questionable to blatantly bad calls, most on aces or clear winners they didn't have a play on. My wife and her partner refused to stoop to their level and squeeze them back so there wasn't much to be done. Folks playing on the court next to them said after the match all three balls were in so I'm pretty sure Bob and Sue weren't mistaken.

Checking with the league coordinator afterwards I learned that they can ask for an impartial person to stand on the court and comment on calls when asked (or 1 person from each team), but these "commenters" can't make calls or correct them.

Here's wishing for more honest players. A bad call or two because you honestly see it differently is fine or you chalk up to poor eyesight or wishful thinking. Approaching 10 blatant calls in a match is just too much.
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