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Originally Posted by veroniquem View Post
Except WTF doesn't equal a slam, not even remotely. Once again, I'm sorry but 6 master finals + 3 slam finals supercedes 3 master finals + 1 slam final any time (even with WTF on top). The second part was just a reply as to Fed beating Djoko at WTF throwing DOUBTS on Djoko's season. It doesn't. I quoted the slams on hard because 4 consecutive wins in slams is definitely better than a win at WTF (on that surface) no matter how you look at it. And once again WTF doesn't equal a slam.
I'm not saying a wtf comes close to a slam, but it does top a slam final. I mean a slam final is great but it's still being a loser, where as a wtf title is winning in a field of top 8 players. I sure think Djokovic's 2008 TMC title was better than Federer's RG final In fact that year Federer made 3 slams finals winning 1, 2 masters finals, Djokovic won 1 slam no other finals 2 masters and a wtf. I'd say even without his masters win just the WTF and slam beats slam and 2 slam finals.

But again, the last 4 hardcourt slam wins over Federer takes in to account 2011 and even 2008!... that is not relevant to this season. I mean if we're going to go right back to 2008 then we have to add in 5 slams for Federer, 2 WTF titles, several masters..

In fact since 2008 Fed has won all 4 majors. Like Djokovic's last 4 HC slam meeting victories, it has no bearing on this season though.
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