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Originally Posted by ClarkC View Post
Just as a little mathematics exercise, I wonder how many programs can sign the top 30 American juniors every year? Hmm, let's see: These programs have eight full scholarships for women, so they average two per year. The top 15 women's teams could swallow up all of the top 30 recruits every year. I suppose there would be no excuse for the top 15 programs to look overseas, in that case, which would leave none of the top 30 available for other schools.

But, of course, if you take over a 3-17 program, you are located in nice, rainy Seattle, you cannot offer more scholarship money than anyone else because on the women's side everyone is offering full rides, then obviously you should be able to sign blue chip players if you are a good recruiter and you are not lazy. Right.
1. I think you are making my point for me. There are not enough top 30 juniors to go around, they are in high demand. UW is being unrealistic in thinking they are in a position to attract these players today. But she is right, she needs to attract these players to compete at the top of the PAC 12.

2. Since she can't get these players, her strategy is to go abroad to get players that can compete with these players. This strategy is failing on two counts a) the foreign players she has brought in have not shown that they are any more competitive at competing with the top of the pac 12 than the average 5 star(top ~100) Americans and b) this is getting her no closer to getting her program closer to being a top 15 program that can get her in a position to recruit top 30 players.

3. She needs to build her program on a solid foundation, one class at a time. She needs to set realistic recruiting goals which should a this point be primarily focused on 5 stars. From the northwest, if available. When she gets to be a top 25 program, and at least in the top half of the pac 12, she can make a legitimate recruiting pitch to top30. Right now, she is too impatient to do that, and just going for whatever foreign player has the best resume. Again, she seems to be trying to find a sliver bullet(s)

4. I take it you don't like Seattle, but Udub is a very good University and many young people do like Seattle, more so than some of the other cities that some top colleges are located in. I don't think the quality if her university or its location presents any recruiting disadvantage.
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