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Originally Posted by Breaker View Post
Same from Tottenham, got a goal ahead from a set piece (surprise surprise) then sit back for literally the entire game and just hoof it to Ade when they did win possession, and no striker's going to get much joy going 1 on 1 against Kompany that way. Thought AVB would take 'arry's attacking style and make it more expansive with stronger midfield but doesn't seem to be the case..though I read they have a 100% record with Dembele starting and an abysmal record without so he could be the difference for them.

Also Suarez should have been banned a few weeks ago for that stamp on an Everton player, shame he's so talented

and this was funny

I think it's good that both AVB and Rodgers came out and said they went at it in the wrong way, Rodgers especially. Chelsea are very good at pressing high up, especially in the big games. Against Arsenal and Spurs it was arguably what won us both those games. Being defensive and playing the ball around the defence was crazy, Ramires, Oscar, Hazard, Mata and Torres were winning it back for fun for the first hour or so.

Suarez is a great player, for sure. If the referee lets him get away with 2 challenges that were yellow cards, and the not so subtle shove before the goal then good luck to him!
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