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I don't have a link, but I can describe:

Guillermo Coria won the first set 6-3, and the second set went to a tiebreak. Gaston Gaudio held his own serve on the first point of the tiebreak.

On the second point of this tiebreak, Coria and Gaudio had a short rally, when the umpire (Lahyani) suddenly stopped play to look at a mark that Gaudio hit onto the baseline. Gaudio then starts going to the net and shouting at Lahyani for stopping play when he thought his ball was in, and Lahyani shouts to Gaudio "It's your point, it's your point, he (pointing at Coria) said stop, he said stop. It's your point, take it easy". Gaudio looks surprised and shrugs his shoulders.

Coria is then aghast at Lahyani telling him that he said stop, going "No, no". Lahyani then shouts to Coria "You lose the point because you said out. Come, come (urging Coria towards the chair) I'll explain to you. You say out and then I say stop". Coria then goes "no, I never said out. You stopped play".

On the replay, it was clear that Coria never said a word when Lahyani stopped play, but Coria lost the point anyway and ended up losing the tiebreak. However, Coria made up for this by thrashing Gaudio, 6-0, in the third set.

Coria then went on to win the final against Agustin Calleri.

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