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Originally Posted by West Coast Ace View Post
Farmer Insurance? Ring a bell? Murray played in 2010 - I'm pretty confident he got paid. So, while Robbie Koenig knows a lot, he doesn't know everything - like the other talking heads on TV.

Not that long ago it was a huge deal and a hot ticket. And for all the talk of the WTF being sold out, I'm getting emails from the ATP stating there are still tickets for sale.

This isn't true - BOTH teams draw over 3 million fans a year. The Dodgers pretty much forever and the Angels since Moreno bought the club and got players and the Big A was renovated. The LA Kings won the Cup and if there weren't a strike would have had huge crowds - they sold all the season tickets that were allotted.

This is the correct answer (and add the other forms of entertainment - movies, concerts, etc). There is a lot to do out here - if you don't offer a quality product, you are doomed. Querrey v Barankis isn't going to cut it.
How about before the Kings won the cup?

2006-07: 16,859
2007-08: 16,606
2008-09: 16,488
2009-10: 16,148
2010-11: 16,973
2011-12: 18,113

the NHL league average over that time span was 16,974 which means for half a decade they were under league average. Yes the Dodgers draw 3+ million per year but they also have a huge stadium (56,000). If you go by capacity% they match up with Washington and Miami at around 73% capacity. The Yankees, also with a huge stadium (54,200) are around 89%. Philly also outdraws the Dodgers with a city population nearly a third the size of LA. There is a lot to do in Chicago in the summer too, and they have a legit two team town...not one 30 miles away, and the Cubs still draw 3 million a year as well in a much smaller ballpark...and usually with a losing team.
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