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I think that Nadal will not retire right now, but his career will be full of weird losses, and the fans will pull a lot of hairs rooting for him. His decline will last for 2-3 years. During that time, these boards will generally bash him, and his legacy will appear less remarkable because of serious drops in percentages, win-loss ratios, H2H records, and other parameters.

He will retire after Federer does. Fed has always been his and Toni's benchmark (but, seriously, who else can he look up to - Djokovic?).

After Nadal follows Agassi to the "Former Pro Player Talk" forum, opinions about him will start improving. People will not remember his time-wasting, bottle-lining, *****-picking, strategic MTOs. His results will remain. His clay legacy will remain. He will be viewed as one of tennis legends for generations to come. His Rosol moment will be his Bastl moment - those only add funny tidbits to the overall story.

Oh, don't get me wrong: he is a dirty, ugly moonballer that changed tennis for the worse. But this will be irrelevant to future fans who are not going to see him live.

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