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There are many bad drivers in the D.C. area.

Here is Allstateís full list of the 25 cities having the worst drivers, with each citation noting the likelihood a motorist living there is to be involved in a crash, relative to the national average:

Washington, DC: 112.1% greater-than-average accident frequency
Baltimore, MD: 87.9%
Providence, RI: 80.9%
Hialeah, FL: 77.6%
Glendale, CA: 77.5%
Philadelphia, PA: 64.1%
Alexandria, VA: 62.6%
Newark, NJ: 59.4%
Miami, FL: 58.4%
San Francisco, CA: 54.6%
Jersey City, NJ: 53.9%
Arlington, VA: 53.0%
Tampa, FL: 50.2%
Los Angeles, CA: 48.5%
Paterson, NJ: 46.9%
Fullerton, CA: 42.7%
Garland, TX: 41.6%
Elizabeth, NJ: 41.5%
Bridgeport, CT: 41.2%
New York, NY: 41.1%
New Haven, CT: 37.5%
Torrance, CA: 36.7%
Norfolk, VA: 36.3%
Yonkers, NY: 36.2%
Arlington TX: 35.4%

The fine print: the 2012 Allstate Americaís Best Driverís Report is based on an actuarial analysis of company claim data among the nationís 200 largest cities. Property damage claims were analyzed over a two-year period (from January 2009 to December 2010) to ensure the findings would not be impacted by external influences such as weather or road construction. A weighted average of the two-year numbers determined the annual percentages. The report defines an auto crash as any collision resulting in a property damage claim.
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