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Nadal may not be the outright fastest...still very fast.

But when he gets to the ball on the run, he is by far the best - better than Borg imo. He has great strength to create angles and pace from deep positions in the court.

Nadal is the strongest player on the run i have ever seen. he can hit both the running forehand and the running backhand with such consistency and venom.

I remember this one match at RG that i watched where nadal was pushed way wide against his mentor carlos moya, and he just hit a blazing bh winner CC that hit the line when facing breakpoint. Moya couldnt believe it.

Another one was against djokovic on hardcourt in canada. WoW.

Djokovic is also very good - strong on the bh side, but perhaps not as strong as others on the running fh.

So my vote goes to Nadal. Borg is next followed by djokovic, chang, hewitt, bjorn phau. Federer is also somewhere there. I would rate federer on par with hewitt / chang even though he wasnt as fast, but he was stronger and returned the ball better than those guys from bad positions.

Coria also was exceptional.

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