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Re the form of Spurs and their management - and re Villa, Liverpool and Swansea - the key word still has to be patience.

Frustrating though, and as the saying goes, the unpopular AVB leaves himself as a hostage to fortune when we lose to the likes of Wigan at home (losses to City and Chelsea are different). I'd also point out that new signings, Siggi and Dempsey, haven't wowed the fans at all (I'm with them on that), and players like Gallas, Walker and Huddlestone, to varying degrees, have also put in some p*** poor showings.

I had a jokey dig a few posts back about why Wenger didn't go in for Berbatov in the summer as they could so do with a player of his talents. Well, I could easily say the same of course re AVB and Spurs.
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