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Fed was asked this question (slightly differently) before the tournament began and he said NO :

Q. It's been a tough season. You, Novak and Andy are very close. Do you think winning the Masters can decide the real No.1 of the season?

ROGER FEDERER: I mean, the real No.1, we know who that is. It's going to be Novak. I don't think there should be any debate around that.
I think No. 1, you don't get there by chance. The rankings is something that shows you how you've played over a 365‑day period. Okay, it might all change again in two months at the Australian Open, there's no doubt about that. But right now, it's clear.

I don't think whatever happens should take anything away from anybody. This is a bonus for the top eight players to face off against each other, try their very best, and hopefully finish the season in good style. Obviously it's exciting to see.

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