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Originally Posted by Autodidactic player View Post
The blue single steel shaft racket (or "racquet" since it's British) is a Gray's "Silver Gray."

The one to the left of the Davis Topspin is a JK autograph "midsize."

The one hanging on the cupboard, right from the Bergelin (MacGregor) is a Fischer racket, not a Rox Pro. I won't tell you which specific model in case you want to guess. Than it must be the Fischer Vacuum Exclusive 280.

The one to the right of the Gripper is a Donnay Revolutive Apollo Variable Balance System. The weights are in the blue pouch.

Both Fischer "tuning" rackets are "Superform Tuning" models. The bottom one is a 1st generation and the top one is 2nd generation.

The Dunlop Superlongs are the 2.25 version (29 and 1/4 inch long). I bought them because they are 1/4 inch longer than legal.

That gives you about 5 more correct so you are closing in on 80. +/- 60 correct and another +/- 10 so close you should get credit for them.
IIRC than this should be the fischer model you have hanging on that cupboard.
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