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Originally Posted by Prisoner of Birth View Post
How? I think Nadal has proven the bigger fighter. Borg quitting when he was being pushed hurts his legacy. Sampras, too, had the heart of a lion.
Borg was still a pretty big figher during his career, and his 5 set record in particular was insanely good

And if Nadal or Sampras were told by the ATP/ITF that they would be forced to qualify for Roland Garros and Wimbledon despite having a ranking easily high enough for direct entry (as was the case with Borg in 1982), they may well have been disgusted and retired early as well.

Ultimately Borg was affected by considerably more player politics and a significantly less well organised tour than either Sampras or Nadal have been. It's a shame that this myth about Borg being driven out of the game by McEnroe has been allowed to spread.

It's also a shame for Borg that many people judge his career just in terms of how many majors he won during his career, when the idea of slam counting was pretty irrelevant during his career, and there were only 3 big majors a year to play in during his prime.

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