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Hi all.

Really appreciated any help you could give me on my serve.

I recently change the serve motion. About 2 months ago. Now I get the racquet up first before tossing the ball. This was suggested by my coach in order to correct my trophy position. I used to keep the dominant arm too close to my body witch prevented my to accelerate as quickly as I could to the ball. From the video I can see that I still do that a little bit.

Its not a bad serve. I am a 3.5 player.. if you can see the ball hits the back fence before the second bounce... anyway.. I think i am more worried about how the serve looks than how the ball goes.

The thing is I am pretty tall and I feel I could have a faster serve.. but that arm tucked near the body.. just prevents me from acceleration. Any tips in this?

Anyway.. I could use your help in any other points regarding the serve.

Thanks in advance.
Your hitting arm is entering the downward motion (down the back) WAY too early. Which is causing a stall, or static position (of the racquet) at the bottom of the drop. This needs to be addressed......

Understand, that the racquet arm should only be "entering" the downward trek, when the legs begin to push up off the ground.... Can you see how, in your case, the racquet is already at its lowest point in the loop, when the legs start to drive upwards?

One way to correct this, is to have your coach, hold your hand in the trophy position a little longer and then let go at the appropriate time (typically at, or around the beginning of the leg drive). And i mean literally hold it. This should be an easy excercise give your abbreviated wind up. You must develope a feel for how these two actions (leg drive and entering of the downward portion of the racquet loop) occur at teh same time.

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