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So; those of us who post here are honest.

Posting about rules presupposes an interest in the rules, and generally that leads to a desire to follow the rules.

But I don't think asking TW posters if they are honest can lead to anything other than self congratulatory posts by TW posters on their honesty.

"On Saturday I had been calling very fairly all match, until I hooked my opponent at 5-6 in the second set tiebreak. It was a ball that landed on the baseline and I called it out. It gave me a second chance and I closed out the match 14-12 in the TB. Had we gone to a third I was cooked."

Did I?

I am actually 100% certain that my out call was correct, but my opponent gave me a look that indicated he disagreed.

Our match was cordial throughout - no bad blood. I think that he wanted that point so much that he really wanted to see the ball as in, and that's how he saw it.

He could equally say of me that I so wanted to stay in the set that I saw it out when it was in.

I made the right call, as I was certain of it, but that's a long way from saying my view is the only one.
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