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My partner made a bad call one time in a tournament and I had an okay look at it and felt like it was good. The guy who hit it was at the net right in front of it and showed no sign of it being a miss. Also I knew him very well and he is not a cheat. they started to argue about the call I and my partner said "it my call doesn't matter if it's in or out...and wanted to argue with me as well.

it was my service game so we continued play my next serve I hit the ball into the net...and the next serve terribly long and then held a thumbs up to the other team at which they nodded and we went back to duece a played normally from then on.

at the end my partner apologized and no one left with hard feelings and the other team thanked me for squaring things up with my serve. (it was my only double fault all day)
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