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Originally Posted by stringwalla View Post
... I've always expressed that there are a lot of "fast" stringers and a lot of "great" stringers out there. But very few "great and fast"...
I agree with you. (Co-)Poly and delicate strings are being used more and more. (Co-)Poly strings are much more abrasive than other strings and stringing them too fast takes its toll on the life of a string. I also think (Co-)Poly strings should be pulled slower and longer than other strings because they resists change (tension) much more. Pulling slower gives the (Co-)Poly string time to relax while pulling longer allows the (Co-)Poly to be properly stretched while not over-stretching the string. A good way to improve your time is to pull tension and clamp the string as fast as possible. When stringing crosses the cross string isn't really fully tensioned as you don't give the string time to overcome the friction of the mains across the mains. One big advantage of a constant pull is to continue to pull for a longer period of time than a lockout. A string looses tension too fast if not allowed time to stretch.

But like you said there are very few "great and fast" stringers.
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