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Default So you want to start your own tennis line?

A little background on my company. Some of you TT old timers might remember me starting a small tennis apparel company years ago (Ozone Athletics). My objective was to learn as much as possible and start with a minimum budget of a couple hundred dollars and see how far I can take it. I got lots of advice and opinions from TT members on design and fabrics and I was off and running. I sponsored teams, juniors and journeymen pros with free clothing. Highest ranked pro (154) was Pavel Snobel from the Czech. His agent helped me with networking in Europe and things really took off. A corporation came in and made me an offer and I sold the company/brand and basically retired (I'm 37 this year) and spend almost everyday playing tennis.

Well, I'm getting a bit antsy again but also want to help a lucky TT member since without TT I'd still be sitting behind a desk. I know there's at least one person here that's in the same position I was in years ago. If you have interest in tennis/athletic apparel PM me your story. This offer will be open to one person only. My contacts will be open to you and I will help you start/create your own tennis apparel line, team and club uniforms, etc the best i can. This is not a partnership so only the motivated need apply.

Pics or it didn't happen:

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