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Lightbulb Calculate your serve speed

So I have this idea that I would like to give a shot but I donít know if itís worth all the energy. So hopefully you guys can help me figuring out if I should spend the next 150 hours or so on building this.

I got this idea because I guess I am an extremely fanatic tennisplayer (who wishes he could play like the PROís ) and keep watching them on TV all the time. What bothered me was that you can almost always see how fast the PROís serve, which made me wanna know how fast I could serve (aaarrrhhh).

So I thought first of buying a speedgun, but they are pretty expensive. Than I got interested in the mathematical part of it. So I wondered of a bit and finally figured I could probably built an iphone app (Iíve been programming for over 10 years). So in my enthusiasm i did make a start and actually know now its possible to calculate the speed very accurate with my iphone. But its still a lot of work to make it available for you guys.

Since I work a lot and have much other stuff too I donít know if I should spend the next 150 ours or so in making this App to find out I am maybe the only one who is so curious.

I made this link for a poll: so you can let me know.

So what do you guys think?
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