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Default Correction - glucosamine may be in tendon healing ??

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"I'm not sure of my facts but I thought that research finds glucosamine in cartilage. The typical rationale for using many supplements is - if it known to be present or needed in the tissue, add it to your diet. I have not seen or remember that glucosamine is found in tendons. "

I just found some other information probably (?) associating glucosamine with tendon healing. ??

glucosamine is listed as part of the family of "Glycosaminoglycans"
"Members of the glycosaminoglycan family vary in the type of hexosamine, hexose or hexuronic acid unit they contain (e.g. glucuronic acid, iduronic acid, galactose, galactosamine, glucosamine)."

Glycosaminoglycan was mentioned as part of the healing process in this very technical and difficult to follow article on the details of tendon healing
pages 182, 185 and others.

[While reading the .pfd if you right click and select "Find" you can enter Glycosaminoglycan and it will be found in the .pdf document.]

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