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Originally Posted by jgrushing View Post
After a couple of shots, I returned to tennis too soon and it started hurting again after a few weeks.
My research pointed me to the FlexBar and I ordered a green one.
In the spirit of trying to help you, not pick on you, do more searching for posts by charliefedererer and Chas Tennis that show pictures of the tendon injury at the microscopic level, and charts of healing time for tendon injuries. Also, if you read all of the threads about TE from the last 5 years (I have) you'll see the consensus is red Flexbar is for rehab, green & blue is for building strength after full healing, and cortisone shots almost never have reported long term benefit.

Even the Flexbar instruction manual says "If you experience any pain or difficulty with these exercises, stop immediately and consult your healthcare provider".

It's natural to want to "force" an injury to heal faster. All of us want to try anything except extended rest to heal a tendon injury. There are some threads in this forum where a sad few never did rest, and their injury never healed. The hardest part is accepting that TE takes as long as it takes to heal, up to 12 months.

The part of my first reply about "active" pain means moderate to severe pain that is either constant, or felt daily from normal activities like picking up a cup, etc. Too much strenuous activity during this phase will only make the TE worse. Knowing when your body is ready to sustain PT rehab, even with professional care, is difficult. Mild pain is normal, moderate to severe pain is not. Setbacks are common (having to stop and rest until pain improves).

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