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Originally Posted by corbind View Post
Head shot...

Your partner must not like you? Did you watch your video of him laughing and retrieving the ball?) his level of concern is remarkably low and makes me feel he cares for nothing but himself!

Was one of your feet in the doubles alley? You look like you have the
alley covered with an iron fist so why is your opponent hitting THERE and so HIGH?

I watched the video on my iPod so 4" screen so I'll watch on a real monitor later to see if my perception is off.
I am probably about a foot inside from the alley for this shot. The server has excellent groundies and had burned me down the line a couple times before this so I had adjusted towards the alley.

Usually I poach aggressively and he was trying to get me to stay home ... it was a swinging volley so it was a tough shot. I did not take it as being malicious at all.
"You should be playing linebacker, not singles."
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