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Good questions.

I can only speak in regards to apparel. Truthfully, anyone who knows how to sew can make a shirt as good or better than the big players (well maybe with a bit of practice).

When you pay $75 for a shirt from the big players what are you really paying for? It's just fabric, thread and maybe some ink/dye. Think about the raw material costs and labor and you'd be amazed.

I'm not a very creative guy so niche products aren't my niche I'd rather take something that's proven and then make it better and/or cheaper. Just the way my mind works.

Originally Posted by treblings View Post
thanks, much appreciated
did you think that you could do anything better than the big players?
that you had something to offer that wasn´t there?
in todays global economy that is a common mindset, that if you want to succeed you need to find a niche for your product.
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