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If anyone else had regularly grabbed at imaginary injuries, and cursed every time they lost a point, abused coaches, lived with his mother, played video games 7 hrs. a day, and generally acted like a spoiled 13 yr. old junior brat, would you still defend him if he weren't scottish? I don't think so. Territorial addiction is why wars are started. Plenty of people have told him to control his emotional outbursts and fake injury BS. Has he heard them? Yes. He does what he wants to do regardless of what is good for him, the sign of an immature ahole.

Unfortunately, athtletic talent does not make us good people, but all the kids think so. He's teaching them it's great to be an emotional mess.

He knows it. And it all comes down to his internal belief: Do I deserve this? Match points lost over and over again are just the beginning of his downfall.

It's the kind of behavior that destroys marriage, friendships, work, reputation, and leads to the gutter. A jerk is a jerk, even if he is great at playing tennis. Wake up Murray and smell the gutter coming for you.

All he has to do is decide: no more jerk, and he would do it. One simple thought: lose the jerk, and win more.

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