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At our local college the coach(canadian) has NO pressure from the A.D. to win. He has FINALLY listened to me and recruited almost all players from Georgia. I told him that he should recruit all Georgia kids and try to develop players verse recruit foreign players that hes never seen play.If A.D.s took this same approach with a non revenue sport like tennis then i think it will help with the college tennis problem. The big problem is most college tennis coaches are cluless about player development and just know how to recruit.The school is division 2 and most American kids think d2 is a bad thing and would rather get no scholarship money and play number 9 for a d1 team and never see any playing time but say they play d1.Alot of American kids think they are better than they really are and think they should be playing d1 tennis when in reality d2 would be a better spot.
Well good for him. But D2 and no pressure from AD- he should be getting American kids. The D2 (or D3) versus D1 problem is prevalent in almost all college sports. Most American kids that are stars at the high school level think they should be D1 in almost every sport. Their is a huge prestige factor between the highest level and the lower levels. Very difficult to get around this perception until these kids realize they are not as good as they think they are and they might be better off being a major part of D2 team rather than a benchwarmer on a D1 team.
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