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Originally Posted by Mick3391 View Post
I started playing Tennis after a long Hiatus about 8-9 months ago to train my then 11 year old son.

I'm 38 and have never had injuries, not real injuries. First I ripped my plantaris muscle, incredible pain. Then I ripped my second one. Then my neck, then in the emergency room with a pulled tendon in my ankle/foot.

That's all gone, but one thing has stayed, and I simply can't play high performace Tennis. About 3-4 months ago, on the opposite side of my elbow I had pain/weakness. I mean to hit the ball hurt bad each time, sometimes just picking up the racquet hurts. So unlike my other injuries I actually did give it a rest for a week. But once playing again it came back, so after 3-4 months it's still with me.

Anyone know how to fix this? It's not just pain, but weakness. It's like a dull pain, sharp when I hit the ball.
Of course after an injury you need to have a Dr's diagnosis and advice.

From the number of your injuries and their type - probably tendon injuries - you sound as if your lifestyle has gotten you out of shape with too many tight/short muscles. ?

See reply #12 especially for short/tight muscles and life style issues.

Exercises or stretches when injured might cause farther injury. Only do them only after a Dr has said that they are OK.

You might talk to your sports medicine Dr about having your posture and ranges of motion for your joints measured with the purpose of correcting any tightness or weakness issues.

To research tennis elbow, search and read the many TE & Golfer's Elbow threads to find some useful information. See a Dr for a diagnosis of your unknown elbow injury. Don't stress the injured elbow with extreme tennis stroke forces that probably injured it in the first place.
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