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Originally Posted by merlinpinpin View Post
Major (pun intended) fail, young man. Nowhere does this state that the grand slam tournaments are "big" and all the others aren't. So, if that's your last-ditch defense, I'm afraid it's already been breached.

Game, set, and match.
Britannica does say that slams are big tournaments. Checkmate.

Originally Posted by Prisoner of Birth View Post
Going by your logic :

I'm a human, so you're not
Can you explain why going by my logic you are a human and I'm not?

Originally Posted by cknobman View Post
Ok here is a reliable source to prove the World Tour Finals is a big tournament.

Source ATP World Tour website:

Your argument against the Word Tour Finals loses.
If WTF is a prestigious tournament it does not mean it's a big tournament.

You all lost the argument.

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