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Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post
Kramer versus Rosewall? Not serious.
Gonzales? Rosewall had less success than Hoad against prime Gonzales.
Sedgman? In the fifties, neither Hoad nor Rosewall played an extended tour against Sedge. On the 1959 Ampol World Championship, Hoad was 5 wins, 2 defeats against Sedge, Rosewall was 3 wins and 2 defeats against Sedge, and Sedgman won two tours, New Zealand and Europe, in which Rosewall played.
Hoad was 2 wins, 1 defeat against Segura in both the 1958 and 1959 championship tours.
1959 being the most representative year for both, Hoad was 3 wins, 1 defeat against Trabert, 6 wins and 2 defeats against Rosewall, etc.
If you are going to simply list names, we should attach some dates and numbers to them.
Yes, I rate the late fifties as the summit of tennis achievement, with the toughest field, tougher than the sixties or seventies.
Dan, Your attitude to "forget" results that "speak" against your God, pardon GOAT, is unique among of all of us. For instance you omit Rosewall's wins against Hoad in the European GP. Rosewall claims that he had the best balance in 1959 including against Gonzalez (8:4). I think that Rosewall and Hoad were about even that year.

How do you come to a 6:2 balance of Hoad vs. Rosewall?. Joe gives 5:5...

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