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Originally Posted by maggmaster View Post
Very true, sometimes they are predictive but often they are not. Glucosamine is too cheap to ever be pursued by a big pharmaceutical company so I doubt you will ever see any real conclusive studies.
Unfortunately, what you say is very true. There's little incentive to study inexpensive cures to common diseases, especially if the treatment cannot be patented.

For instance, a doctor did studies on using Chondroitin sulfate to cure heart disease in the 1970s. He got impressive results in animal studies and the original studies on humans looked very promising. If you do a web search on it, you'll find that these studies are mentioned but that no one has done a higher quality controlled study in the following 30 years!

So instead, we have all sorts of people on statins but no follow up study on a potentially much cheaper alternative. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.
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