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Originally Posted by Roy125 View Post
I'm on the quarter system so my classes did begin at the end of September.

I used a variety of scales at home (my mother's, the doctor's, friend's) and they said that I weighed around 125 pounds. The one in the gym at my school though says that I weigh 135 pounds when I just step on it. It's weird though because there's also a balance-beam scale in the fitness center of my dormitory that says I'm around 123 pounds (but that might be because I don't know how to use one (the beam is never balanced and goes up or down depending on whether or breathing in or out)).
Sounds like you haven't really gained any weight. Balance beam scales are typically the most accurate, which is why all doctors use them instead of digital. You should relax your breath or hold it for a minute and see if you can get the scale to balance properly.
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