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Default For Trade or sale (2x) Angell Custom Racquets

I have both a TC100 and a TC95 that I will consider for trade, condition of both is 9/10 ... the sale price is $175.00/each shipped Conus.

Will consider trade for any of the following in similiar condition:

Pacific X Force Pro or
Yonex EZone Xi 98 or
Yonex Vcore 95D

Specs for the Angell's are :

TC95: 18x20 pattern, 63 RA, 27" long, grip size 4 3/8", grip type:B,black leather,wght: 320g(11.4oz), balance: 10 pts HL

TC100: 16x19 pattern, 63 RA, 27.25" long, grip size 4 3/8", grip type: B, black leather,wght: 320g (11.4oz), balance: 10 pts HL

contact me at for photos.
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