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Originally Posted by jaybear1909 View Post
I'd be less concerned about discrimination and more concerned about your life alert button working.

If you're really over 85, click over 9000. If you don't want to click over 9000, don't click anything. If you want to click 75-85, I won't tell anybody.

*But I commend your ability to type and spell correctly! My grandma found internet months ago, and she still doesn't know how to type well. All of her Facebook posts are like so: THATS A BEAUTIFUL PICTURE I HAVE A PRETTY GRANDDAUGHTER YOU ARE GOOD AT MAKING HATS
My life alert button stopped working decades ago, or so it seems. Actually I think it was a tennis accident - I was wearing it on court and it got hit point-blank by an overhead. I think that's also when my pacemaker stopped working. But I'm not sure - my memory isn't what it used to be.

Now what was I saying?

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