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Originally Posted by Mitch Bridge View Post
Having more varsity spots kills the quality of the sport, and that like of quality hurts tennis' reputation amongst other athletes.

Preparing for a varsity sport doesn't start in high school. It starts in elementary school.
I'm not trying to be overly argumentative here (or trying to cause a bad reaction), but here are two final reactions I have to say:

1) Having more varsity spots does not kill the quality of the sport. I don't know how it does or how it ever will. It may affect the reputation (the "if you can make varsity..." stance) amongst other athletes, but athletes definitely aren't going to give up their high school sport for tennis.

2) Preparing for a varsity sport doesn't start in elementary school. No one starts a sport in elementary school thinking "I need to start training now if I'm going to make varsity in high school." That only comes into effect if the player is very good in middle school. Otherwise, most only think to train starting freshman year - but definitely not elementary school.
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