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Originally Posted by ClarkC View Post
Not a personal dislike of Seattle or UW. But I have heard top tennis players in Virginia say that they are probably heading farther south for college. An outstanding indoor facility at UVa has been a big boost to our recruiting here. A lot of players just don't want to be anywhere for tennis if the weather will force them indoors a good bit of the time. Some of the rainier places are among the most beautiful to visit, because it takes some rain to have some natural beauty. But we are talking about tennis, not a week's vacation.
This is consistent with my slice of experience as well.

I do not agree with the claim of another poster that UW does not have a recruiting disadvantage vis-a-vis most other Pac-12 teams in tennis. I think Stanford, Cal, UCLA, USC, Arizona, and least.....have recruiting advantages over UW in tennis.

A big surprise in Pac-12 tennis is Washington State, in cold, remote Pullman, WA. Wonder how they did it. By recruiting in their back yard? Whatever they have done might be a model for UW.

I'm gonna check right now
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