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Originally Posted by McEnroeisanartist View Post
Does anyone else think that Federer's achievement of 6 championships at the ATP Tour World Finals is underrated because his biggest rival, Nadal, has only reached one final there in his career, so it must not be that important of a tournament (some call it a glorified exhibition).

While Nadal's achievement of 7 French Opens has been overrated because his biggest rival, Federer, has done so well there and Nadal has consistently beat him there.
Yes - definitely. Nadal gets a lot of cred for his FO wins because most of them came against Federer. It's unfair because in reality the reverse should be true - that Fed gets cred for winning things like the WTF AND making the FO finals so many times. But fans and analysts tend to just remember that Fed lost to Nadal in FO finals. It's unfortunate but what can you do.
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