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Originally Posted by vive le beau jeu ! View Post
A frying pan, frypan, or skillet is a flat-bottomed pan used for frying, searing, and browning foods. It is typically 200 to 300 mm (8 to 12 in) in diameter with relatively low sides that flare outwards, a long handle, and no lid. Larger pans may have a small grab handle opposite the main handle. A pan of similar dimensions, but with vertical sides and often with a lid, is called a sauté pan or sauté. While a sauté pan can be used like a frying pan, it is designed for lower heat cooking methods such as sautéing.

Fig.1: A grey-furred stainless steel frying pan (early adult developemental stage).
Ooh... I saw the skillet and now I want scallops! But weirdly, I can't for the life of me think of any suitable garnish!
Uninstintively instinctive.
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